From the recording Guitar in Hand


Sweet Missouri
Words & Music by: Kasey Rausch

On a hillside in Missouri is where my heart stays
In the sweet grass ‘neath the cottonwood is where I will be
In the spring time, the summer and even in the fall
But in the winter, you won’t see me much at all
There’s coneflowers and elderberries make sweet flower wine
The plantain, the chickweed and all the dandelions
The dogwoods and the red buds that bloom in perfect time
And if you are like me, you love it

Sweet Missouri ~ Sweet Missouri

The maples send the spinners that bring the kids joy
The river deep and winding - we watch it rise and fall
The cliffs near the bootheel rise up so tall
That if ever you’re weary, you can lean on

Sweet Missouri ~ Sweet Missouri

The cicadas in the evening sing a long song
The fireflies in the moonlight shine all night long
In my bedroom with the window open so wide
Well, I feel like, I belong. Yes, I belong here

Sweet Missouri Sweet Missouri
Sweet Missouri, my home.