1. 103

From the recording Guitar in Hand


103 ~ Kasey Rausch (G)

I’ll see my birthday, written on your stone

A cold reminder, how I could feel so alone

But it only takes a memory, of your smiling face

To know that I’ve been blessed by, your sweet love and grace

A grace that’s gonna last, far longer than the past

She was 103 and now she’s finally free

She was 103 and now she’s finally free

That’s how I’m gonna be, like my great granny


I’m gonna jig on my birthday, spike the eggnog when I’m ornery

I’m gonna make sure everybody eats, everything I can reach

I’m gonna tell jokes at the table, drink some beer while I’m able


And when the time comes, for me to sleep
Won’t you tell me that you’ll dress me in, my best pink beads
Return me to the earth, where my mother lies
Give a little thanks for this amazing life
And plant a little read bud with hearts for leaves
And you can say she was 103 and now she’s finally free CHORUS