1. Crazy Heart

From the recording Guitar in Hand


CRAZY HEART - Kasey Rausch

She’s been livin’ a life so well
Plays guitar like a ring in a bell
Shines her shoes, darns her socks
Drawin’ on her beauty marks

But when it comes to love she’s a bat outta hell
Crazy heart under a spell
Throws herself down a wishing well
What she’ll do next you just can’t tell - huh-uh....

And all the men around her now foolish as can be
Bendin’ over backwards to get her on their knee
And they don’t care how they look
Silly as a children’s book but their red hot hearts start to cook when they think of her on their hook -- uh-huh

She don’t mind their good will.
She got a little time to kill
And they never know if their chance is shot
‘Till they end up on her block [CHORUS]

And the women too all gather round
Just to see her side of town
Bendin’ down on their knee
Just to see what they can see
And they wish they could have her look
Pretty as a picture book
But their jealous hearts start to cook
‘Cause she’s got their men on her hook -- huh-uh

So she walks around all over town
Swayin’ hips and flowin’ gowns
Pretendin’ like she don’t frown
But I can see she’s cryin’ now [CHORUS]