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The Gospel of Winfield

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The Gospel of Winfield - Kasey Rausch

Oh I feel like I am in heave when my spirit’s so lightly abound
When the wind and rain are calling my name then the sun shines so brightly down
When my ol’ guitar starts a-singin’ and my heart beats like a drum
My feet will dance to the rhythm of a bluegrass or old time song

Sing with me. C’mon sing with me. Won’t you sing with me tonight
And dance with me. C’mon dance with me. Won’t you dance with me tonight

Pull the parachute up in the tree tops. Build a fire down below.
Pull the chairs and logs around us. Jimmy grab your ol’ banjo
We’ve got some pickin’ to do now. We’ve got some music to make
If we are lucky we won’t stop ‘til the next dawn starts to break [CHORUS]

And the kids are all so happy. The mamas and papas are too
‘Cause they don’t have a care in the world now save for the bluegrass stew
Yes I’m sure that I am in heaven ‘cause my spirit’s so lightly abound
By the Walnut River in the Pecan Grove with my Winfield family around [CHORUS]