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Little Lagoon Sessions is the first full-length album from The Country Duo. (PRE-ORDER HERE!)  After releasing singles and an EP recorded at the Legendary Sun Studio in Memphis, Tennessee, Kasey Rausch & Marco Pascolini connected again with the former head engineer of Sun, Curry Weber, this time in Gulf Shores, Alabama, where they lived and worked for a week in a house right on the banks of the Little Lagoon. Watching stingrays and jellyfish swim by on their breaks, and giant herons land out on the pier, 12 songs were recorded during the sessions. Ten of those songs, Rausch's originals, make up this album filled with acoustic guitar, pedal steel, baritone electric guitar, and a touch of Dobro, with meandering of harmonies throughout. Two singles, covers of a couple of their favorite songs to play, will be released as digital singles. 

The album was produced by Kasey Rausch, Marco Pascolini and Curry Weber. Finishing touches were recorded in Kansas City by Duane Trower at Weights and Measures Sound Lab, where one special guest, Sweet Matt Brahl, offered some light percussion. Chad Meise of Oddio Hut mastered both the vinyl and digital tracks, making the album available on an LP record and Compact Disc.

Track Listing:

Side A:
1. Bird So Free
2. Falling Apart (Might As Well Be)
3. Goodwill
4. Come Out and Play
5. Simple Reflections

Side B:
6. Empty of a Worried Mind
7. Color and a Hue
8. Shine a Little Brighter
9. Tender Hearted Kind
10. On the Revolutions of Celestial Spheres

Bonus Song available with Pre-Order:
Come Back Home to You (written by Jeff Burke & Vida Wakeman)

“Come Back Home To You” will be available for download immediately upon purchase. The official release date for Little Lagoon Sessions has not been set. Your pre-purchase of the album helps us make it happen a little faster. Thank you!


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