Voiceover Work & Audiobook Narration

A dream in progress.

2024 finds Kasey diving into new career waters. After taking a series of voice lessons with Andy Garrison at the Actor Training Studio in Prairie Village, Kansas, she's currently building a home recording studio to embark on a journey that she has dreamed about for years: audiobook narration. An avid listener herself, she knows the importance of bringing information and stories alive with voice for the sake of those who learn aurally either by choice or necessity. Her grandfather taught her that "books are friends" and she wants to be a part of making those "friends" accessible to a wider audience. 

Eventually Kasey hopes to do more voice work for film, television and radio. She has experience as a founding member, producer and host of River Trade Radio on KKFI 90.1FM from 2014-2020 and now joins as a guest on occasion. She's also been a live MC on stages around Kansas City, including Folk Alliance International, and was the host of "Campfire," an internet music show airing on DittyTV out of Memphis, Tennessee. She played a starring role in Anthony Ladesich's 2012 short film, Two Sisters, alongside Erin McGrane, Richard Alwyn and Mark Smeltzer.