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Field of Greens

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Field of Greens - Kasey Rausch

I never thought I could leave it all behind
Everything I’d known since I was knee high
What was I thinkin pretending that I was so tired?

Then the sun shone down right on my weary crown
And the wind ‘bout swept me off my feet
I dug my toes on down deeper into the ground
To balance my worries for now
And in the field of greens everything’s just as it seems
Except the gal ignorin’ her dreams

Now I could say I got a little too burned out
And that my heart is not what it’s about
But I know that’s a lie
‘Cause it’s my heart now that cries [CHORUS]

So here I sit tryin’ to figure it all out
I’ve got my guitar in hand, there’s music about
It could be so easy
But it’s so hard to please me [CHORUS]