From the recording Texas Without You

Kasey Rausch wrote this song after she lost a close childhood friend to suicide.

Addiction and mental health issues do not represent the heart of the addict or the depressed. Rather, they speak loudly to a situation that must be met with compassion, connection, and awareness. There is no shame in addiction and mental health instability. It's hard to know how to help those that are closest to us. Perhaps we can be brave enough to make the mistakes by being willing to have the dialogue. #UseYourVoice #SpeakUp

National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255.
Drug & Alcohol Recovery Hotlines:
Brain & Behavior Research Foundation:
American Mental Health Foundation:
Alcoholics Anonymous:
Support for the family members of alcoholics:
Support for teenage family members of alcoholics:

Released June 24, 2017
Written by Kasey Rausch
Performed by: The Country Duo + Their Friends

Kasey Rausch: vocals, acoustic guitar
Marco Pascolini: pedal steel guitar
Matthew Brahl: drums
Brendan Moreland: electric bass
Recorded and mixed by Brendan Moreland at Temple Sound, Kansas City, Missouri.
June 13, 2017. Arranged and produced by everyone.


From Missouri through Arkansas or maybe Oklahoma
Down to Texas where I used to live
Where the river meets the ocean and the tall trees of pine
I am drivin' down the highway with this heartache of mine

I've never been to Texas when you are not here
No, I don't know Texas without you
Will the sky seem so big? Will the lake feel as grand?
Without you here in Texas it's a foreign land

The streets are familiar and some people are, too
Yes I know this is where we grew
And this is the place where you made your dyin' bed
And I sit cryin' right beside where you laid to rest


Oh the fun we had
What I would give to relieve that

But all that I have now are memories for life
So I suppose that will have to do
And these trinkets you gave me and then left behind
I'll forever drive to Texas with you on my mind

It's just not Texas when you are not here
No I don't like Texas without you
The sky's not so big, the lake's not as grand
Without you here in Texas my heart's in my hand